Reimagine Manufacturing with Digital Transformation-31-03-2022

What Is Digital Transformation?

Why Digital transformation matters most in Textile Manufacturing?

SowtexConnect invites you to join Fireside chat with Mr. Nimish Dave - an Industry Expert who will take a deep dive into the domain of Smart Factory, Big Data, IOT, Cloud Computing and Lean Digital for Fashion  Manufacturing

Topic : Reimagine Manufacturing with Digital Transformation

Some key benefits of digital transformation include:

  • Learn how to Improve Manufacturing Efficiency?
  • How to build Human Productivity?
  • How to Improve Quality and customer satisfaction?
  • How do the systems result in better Profitability?
  • How can your Business & Exports grow 5X as a result?

 Block 90 min for insightful conversation with Top Industry consultant with your key team members.

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